We will create your item exactly as you specify on your order. If the product calls for you to pluralize your name, please do so in the custom field provided. Items will be produced exactly as you specify/approve. Please see below for common usage regarding Possessive/Non-possessive and Monograms:

Personalization Guide

No Apostrophe needed. In most cases, just add an “s” at the end.

The Smith’s
The Smiths

Your family name is NOT possessive unless you are claiming something is yours.

Smith Kitchen
Smith’s Kitchen
Non-Possessive Exceptions to the S rule

There are some exceptions with names that end in:

  • “o” add “s” Example: The Blancos
  • “x” add “e” Example: The Boxes
  • “z” add “es” Example: The Morenezes
  • “s” add “es” Example: The Hugheses
  • “y” add “s” Example: The Harrys
  • “ch” add “es” Example: The Belches
  • “sh” add “es” Example: The Marishes
Monogram Guide
Example: Sue Ann Jones
Initials – Center Larger Single Initial
SJA (first, last, middle) J (last)
Example: John Ray Smith
Initials – Center Larger Single Initial
JSA (first, last, middle) S (last)
Married Couple Monogram
Example: Ann and John Smith
Initials – Center Larger Single Initial
ASJ (wife’s first, married last, husband’s first) S (married last)